Smarter cities require smarter solutions, and Metropia's latest technology allows agencies and commuters to work hand-in-hand, exchanging data across the Metropia Synergy platform to solve the region’s mobility problems together.

Combining Metropia’s personal mobility data and predictions of future traffic along with multi-sourced fused data, Metropia provides Urban Analytics capabilities to help agencies prioritize and evaluate strategies to accommodate day-to-day demand and increase system mobility and reliability. Metropia enhances Transportation System Maintenance and Operation effectiveness to directly achieve safety, system performance improvements, and enable real-time operational interventions.

Urban Analytics Capabilities include:

  • Integrating Activity Based Models (ABM) with Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA)
  • Developing multi-resolution models to provide robust, sophisticated and practical frameworks for transportation system operations analysis
  • Using emerging technologies to collect information on traffic behavior, traveler patterns and mobility/reliability performance measures
  • Applying “Big Data Analytics” to support decision making and planning processes
  • Supporting “Smart and Connected Cities” monitoring including transportation system performance and efficiency
  • Supporting demand and traffic operations management for evacuation planning, incident management and large venue and stadium management
  • Analyzing incentive-based strategies such as User Based Insurance (UBI)

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