Director of Research & Development

China is home to some of the most congested traffic on the planet, but researchers at TrafficCast China are making strides in cleaning up the knots in commuters' daily treks. Before joining Metropia as its Director of Research and Design, Xianbiao was TrafficCast China's core research engineer, leading the company's traffic prediction, incident detection, and real-time Origin-Destination demand estimations based on cell phone signal and GPS data. Beyond that, he has also worked to solve transportation problems for the Federal Highway Administration, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and the New York Department of Transportation. Xianbiao is no stranger, then, to the issues Metropia is tackling on a daily basis. As a highly motivated and results-oriented leader with experience in project management, product development, operations, and startups in the transportation and IT areas, Xianbiao manages the people, assets, and projects that keep Metropia moving forward. After earning his BS in Transportation Engineering and his MS in Transportation Planning and Management from Tongji University, Xianbiao got his PhD in Civil Engineering from The University of Arizona. He continues to learn as a researcher of Active Traffic and Demand Management, Advanced Traveler Information Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Dynamic Traffic Assignment, and Network Modeling and Simulation.