Director of Product Operations

While working on his Master's degree, Mario got tired of not winning in his fantasy football league. Being competitive, he developed his own trade-off analysis over alternative players using modern statistical models. First he calibrated his own model using historical data, and then once he was satisfied with the results he started applying it on a weekly basis. Now he has yet to lose a season in his three fantasy leagues. Beyond the world of fantasy leagues, Metropia's Lead Operations Engineer has a history of putting his skills to good use in real world settings. He has experience getting funding for projects such as expanding bus systems, developing recycling programs, and implementing bike-share collaborations--and that just as a student in El Paso, Texas. Mario worked with university and city governments, as well as with companies and researchers, to create the synergy needed to get things done. Mario's projects have made El Paso a better-connected and cleaner space, and he strives to extend that success to other parts of the country and beyond. In addition to successfully implementing transportation and sustainability programs at the University of Texas at El Paso, Mario also earned his BS in Electrical Engineering and his MS in Systems Engineering there. When he’s not winning fantasy sports, Mario enjoys watching films, jogging, playing soccer, and reading up on quantum physics, behavioral economics, and 3D printing.