If growing businesses was a sport, then Corey would be a gold medalist. As Metropia's Chief Operating Officer specializes in both taking established companies to the next level and raising new companies by building up their executive staff and strategic bases. He says that after achieving so much in his own career, he now finds it gratifying to see others achieve their dreams, thanks in small part to his involvement and encouragement in their ventures. Corey has helped several software companies achieve average annual growth rates above and beyond 50 percent by adding distribution channels, encouraging international expansion, and exploring ways of adding to the companies' product lines. At Metropia, this experience allows us to help business partners get the most of their involvement. Alongside the long pedigree of businesses Corey has founded and fostered, he received his Business Administration from Oregon State University. When he isn't working with entrepreneurial teams and experiencing the passion they bring to addressing the needs of new, emerging markets in innovative ways, Corey spends his free time thinking about and making plans to visit places where the pace is slower and the topic of the day is what to make for dinner with ingredients from small markets.