Strategic Advisor of Technology
Tablet and laptop technology form a tough market, but that's no big deal for tech development guru Arif. His favorite part of his job is taking a product’s development from the idea stage to the concept stage, and then from there into design and production. Arif spends his spare time catching up on the latest innovations in the field so that he’s always on his A-game. As Acer's Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering, Advanced Technology and Development, he drove efforts to put Acer on the cutting-edge of computing with the goal of leading the market rather than following its trends. As Metropia's Strategic Advisor of Technology, Arif continues to put this ethic into practice with his experience in technology development, advanced product planning, and the management of development and support organizations. Arif got both his BS and MS from Cornell University, majoring in Electrical Engineering as both an undergraduate and a grad student.