Why Traffic is Tough on Your Body and Mind You are here

Traffic fumes have been linked to an abundance of ailments - from heart disease, cancer, and respiratory issues, to even injury to the brain cells and synapses responsible for learning and memory. Still, we prefer to get where we’re going by car, or at least 86.2% of us do according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2008-2012), and in some situations we have no other option.

While factors like more home-based workers and a younger generation proactive about alternative modes of transportation are surely contributing to fewer commuters in single-occupancy vehicles, there are still a whole lot of us making the drive alone and harming our health as a result. Sure, our cars couldn’t possibly emit the...


Since the release of our v1.0 Metropia app to Google Play in early January and the App Store in early February we’ve already made great progress in terms of incorporating feedback from our active users. With this knowledge under our belts, we’re heading into v.1.2.0 with excellent updates for Metropians old and new.

Without the excellent input of our many users and their honest survey answers, we wouldn’t be able to consistently improve the Metropia app as we have! Our users play a massive role in creating a better drive with Metropia. Take a glance at the many strong features we’ve added with each new version.Metropia App Version 1.1.0 boasted...

Cyclovia Tucson: Spend less time in the car, more outside with Metropia!


Sunday, Apr. 19th, 2015 | 10am - 3pm | Downtown to South Tucson

Join Metropia at Cyclovia Tucson to assist in their week-long Earth Day effort to plant 100 trees! Metropia app users here in Tucson have been improving their commutes and helping the environment by reducing CO2, so Metropia has decided to contribute even more to reforestation efforts. Metropia will be planting up to 100 trees with the help of the Tucson community and American Forests. Efforts will begin at Tucson’s Earth Day Festival and continue for the following week.

Wondering how you can help?

• Shorten 5 of your weekly commutes with the app and Metropia will plant a tree for you!

• Use the Metropia app to...