Total Mobility brings together real-time information, predictive algorithms, and behavioral economics to influence personal travel choices and help agencies manage transportation systems operations. The Total Mobility platform supports strategies aimed at reducing congestion and enhancing the efficiency of existing transportation infrastructure while improving commutes for individual drivers.

Total Mobility platform is comprised of a number of tools and capabilities including:

  • A set of predictive and load balancing proprietary algorithms that allow travelers to reserve their trip ahead of time while enabling a better distribution of the demand on the transportation system

  • Planned and unplanned event management systems that enable collaborative data-sharing and operational strategy implementation
  • Modeling capabilities to support online and offline scenario analysis as part of a Decision Support System (DSS)
  • A set of behavior influencing algorithms which employ gamification and behavioral economic strategies to empower travelers to make more informed personal mobility decisions that include shifting their travel to off-peak times, taking under-utilized corridors, and opting for alternative modes of transportation
  • Real-time information broadcasting systems which allow agencies to directly deliver important messaging to travelers via the Metropia mobile app
  • A consumer-facing multi-modal mobile application which provides travelers with robust, high-quality information and allows them to discover and engage with personal mobility options
  • MaaS partnership management systems powered by effective, flexible incentive-based and multimodal collaboration

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