09/17/2014KXAN AustinKXANExternal Author: Amanda DuganNew app rewards drivers for avoiding congestion
Austin, TX

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Central Texas Regional Mobility is sponsoring Metropia, an app that will help you find better ways around the delays.

The app will offer emergency alerts, drive times, and even alternate routes to get to your destination. Drivers can then use that information to know which route is the fastest. Because the app is still in beta testing, it will be 24 hours before the it’s completely downloaded on your phone. Metropia spokesperson, Mia Zmud, explains how the app rewards you for now traveling during peak traffic times.

“Through a system of rewards, to not be part of traffic. We do this using -our icing on the cake- a predictive algorithm, so we actually look ahead using real time traffic in our predictive technology. So, we know what’s traffic going to look like and we help you plan your trip accordingly,” Zmund said..

Metropia is currently being test in L.A., the beta test here in Austin will last about two months. You can sign up to be a beta tester here.

The KXAN app provides an interactive traffic map that shows traffic flow, trouble spots and drive times.