Austin Flooding ATXFloods Mobile App
Austin, TX

Metropia wants to keep Central Texas drivers safe, which is why it has integrated with ATXfloods to provide its mobile app users with updates on low water crossings across Central Texas.

According to the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department, about 75 percent of flood fatalities occur in vehicles. By implementing the ATXfloods application programming interface (API), app users will have access to the latest low water crossing updates to help them avoid flooded roads.

“We want drivers to be safe at all times. By implementing the ATXfloods’ API, Metropia app users not only receive critical road closure and flooding information, but are also guided to safer alternative routes,” said Mia Zmud, principal of Metropia Austin.

ATXfloods is a service of the City of Austin that, along with its partnering communities, provides the latest updates for more than a thousand low-water crossings across Central Texas.

"We opened our database of low-water crossing closures to the public hoping to see it incorporated in ways that advanced public safety,” said Scott Prinsen, public information officer at the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department.

What This Means for Metropians

With this integration, Metropians will notice an enhanced trip experience the next time they use Metropia. Drivers will--

  • Receive new safer alternate route options that guide drivers away from hazardous conditions caused by heavy rains and flooded areas
  • Can easily view on the map if the change in their usual route is due to a road closure. A road closure appears as a red marker on the map when using Metropia
  • Be alerted to the latest news of road closures resulting from flooding; Metropia is updated every 10 minutes
  • Receive route notifications as road conditions change even after Metropians have planned their trip  

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