For those of you on the lookout for a way to change up your daily car ride and ditch the radio and playlists, we have twelve killer podcast suggestions for you to try.

Following the previous suggestions for history, serial stories, and true crime, we give you six more podcasts that will make you look forward to your daily commute.

Judge John Hodgman

Television personality John Hodgman (The Daily Show) brings audience members the final judgements they have long been looking for. When a situation is emailed to Mr. Hodgman, he and only he is fit to decide, with his years of comic training, who will win the judgement after an extensive Q & A session with the defendants.
Rulings on such things like Game of Thrones, pizza toppings, and whether or not a person is obliged to answer phone calls and texts while watching his own children are all issues that have been judged by John Hodgman. We promise, you’ll quickly want him to bang his gavel about a personal issue in your life too.

The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium

Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement brings listeners tales of New Zealand folly with The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium. Lord Joseph Banks is on the hunt for the source of pleasure in the world, otherwise known as a plant called Heaven’s Clover. As the crew of the 18th Century band of adventurers travels the world in search of the rare plant, they encounter many interesting and exciting things.
The ensemble cast is always over the top and brimming with hilarity, and we are all hoping that one day, famous botanist Uncle Bertie Banks himself will make an appearance as well. Until then, we’ll just have to tune in for the thrilling seafaring adventure.


Infinite Monkey Cage

Two brilliant minds, the infamous Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, take a rather irreverent look at the world through the lenses of science, logic, and humor. The award winning BBC production is now in its 12th season, and their fans are only growing in number.
The aim of the show is to get audiences’ brains turning as they discuss philosophy, what happened before the beginning of time, and other discussions like the potential for life existing on other planets, all while injecting some much-needed levity to the subject.
Look forward to a parade of guests including Monty Python’s Eric Idle and legendary space captain Patrick Stewart who make this already fantastic show somehow even better. One day, they may even attempt to tackle the conundrum of the Infinite Monkey Cage, but we hope that they leave that one for us to turn over in our brains a bit longer.

Are We There Yet?

If you have ever looked up into the night sky, stared at the blanket of stars, and dreamt of one day going into space, then it is definitely time to tune in to NPR’s Are We There Yet? podcast.
Host Brendan Byrne examines and discusses the prospect of and advances toward space exploration with a bevy of scientists and engineers who are on the frontlines of space travel technology. Mars rovers, NASA insiders, and engineers abound to talk us all through the inevitable question: Are we there yet?


Another Round

It is one thing to empathize or attempt to understand what life is like for people who are different than us, but it is another to actually listen to people speak on their challenges, dreams, and perspectives and understand that their voices need to be heard.
Another Round features hosts Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, and offers honest and relevant insights into the issues facing not only black people in the United States, but more often, black women like themselves.
With topics ranging from cultural stereotypes to wine selection to interviews with celebrities like Empire’s leading lady Ta-Nehisi Coates, Another Round will keep you on your toes with insightful discussions and hard-hitting natural humor about one of the most important social issues of our time.


The Invisibilia podcast delves the depths of human behavior and discusses exactly what it is that makes us all tick. Scientific research pairs perfectly with narratives by and about real people dealing with the quirks of being human, and all of the psychological, emotional, and biological baggage that comes along with it.
Invisibilia’s intentions to make you look at yourself and the world around you through a different, more introspective lens as we take the time to consider, even just for one car ride, what it means to be truly human.