Traffic congestion is largely an issue of supply and demand: we have an increasing number of drivers vying for a limited amount of space on the road at the same time. In one complete platform, the Metropia mobile application is helping drivers make better mobility decisions that optimize use of existing roadway capacity and alternative commute modes. Metropia is incentivizing drivers to make incremental, yet lasting, changes to their mobility behaviors and patterns--one trip at a time. 

A Local Approach to Big Data
Metropia’s local Traffic Management Center collects both historical and current roadway data from a myriad of sources, including our own users and agency partners, to generate a complete picture of congestion patterns in the city. Processing that immense data through our predictive algorithms and modelling software, Metropia is able to actually forecast how traffic congestion will increase and decrease for any trip in the region throughout the day.

Empowering Our Users
By planning a trip in the Metropia app, commuters can see those traffic fluctuations and make informed decisions about the best time to travel, allowing them to avoid traffic and save time. Icons on Metropia’s map alert users to any planned construction zones and lane closures as well as any unplanned incidents such as a vehicle accident which may impact their trip. Other in-app communication channels, such as the user’s message inbox, allow agencies to directly inform users about planned and unplanned roadwork, lane closures, new corridor openings, traffic incidents and more. Finally, turn-by-turn navigation guides users along the fastest route possible, dispersing drivers to underutilized roadways when traffic levels rise.

Employing Behavioral Economics
Metropia incentivizes commuters to shift their departure to off-peak travel times using a progressive system of reward points. Travelling during peak traffic yields minimal points; however, shifting departure times to just outside of peak traffic earns users dramatically more reward points. Points can be redeemed within our app for rewards like gift cards to stores and restaurants supplied by local partners. Our users have seen firsthand how small shifts in behavior can add up to big rewards.

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