Communication pipelines are an essential component of traffic system management, particularly when it comes to ongoing construction projects and lane closures. This was especially true for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority), in Austin, TX, which in 2015 embarked on a major project to construct one express lane in each direction on north MoPac Expressway (Loop 1), a major arterial running through the Austin region. While the Mobility Authority routinely communicated updates to commuters through its MoPac Improvement Project app, Metropia augmented their audience by allowing them to directly inform Metropia users in the region about the status of ongoing road work. Having the information available on-demand and as a seamless part of the driving experience via the Metropia app were both primary goals. The ability to maintain control of the interface and post live updates as needed were substantial objectives as well.

Metropia created this information channel for the Mobility Authority as part of its contract to mitigate traffic congestion in the Greater Austin area.

  • Metropia created an in-app message inbox where users are sent important updates and alerts.
  • Metropia’s message inbox was designed to accept feeds directly from the Mobility Authority’s internal messaging system.
  • Metropia users are prompted with an alert on the landing page of the app when the Mobility Authority posts new alerts and updates in the inbox. (see top-left image)
  • Current, updated traffic alerts from the Mobility Authority are now delivered directly to Austin-area Metropia users’ inboxes and are accessible at any time. Users can expand the alerts to read additional valuable details regarding the construction project’s scope and duration. (see top-center and top-right images)
  • While the Mobility Authority maintains control over the delivery and content of their messages, broadcasting the information to Metropia’s user-base requires no additional steps on their part.