Metropia has integrated the ATXfloods API into its routing algorithms. Pulling in data feeds every 5 minutes, Metropia updates include warning icons on our map and automatically provides a safer alternative route to users.

When deploying the Synergy platform in a new market, Metropia considers the unique local challenges to optimizing available roadway capacity and balancing demand. Through the sharing of open data, smart cities make it possible for Metropia to form partnerships with transportation agencies and address regional transportation issues by integrating their data directly into our backend systems.

In the heart of “Flash Flood Alley”, where 75% of flood fatalities occur in vehicles, the City of Austin worked directly with Metropia to expand the utility of their own flash flood data and increase public safety. The City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Division maintains ATXfloods, a database that monitors and shares flood information and emergency road closures around the clock throughout Central Texas.

During the devastating flooding that hit Central Texas in the spring of 2015, Metropia integrated the ATXfloods API to deliver low water crossing warnings to its users and include road closures due to flooding in its routing algorithms. This enabled Metropia to navigate drivers away from dangerous road closures and toward safer, alternative routes.

  • Metropia included the ATXfloods API into its routing algorithm. Every 5 minutes, the Metropia platform receives data updates of road closures due to flooding at low-water crossings.
  • To alert users of dangerous roadways and crossings, Metropia displays low water crossing warning symbols with brief descriptive text, such as “bridge washed away” and “road collapsed”, on the reservation page routing map.
  • Metropia routes users around roads closed due to flooding.
  • Metropia was the first private company to make use of the ATXfloods API, providing another communication outlet for critical safety information during Central Texas floods.
  • Thanks to the integration of ATXfloods data, Metropia users are able to quickly see the impact of local flooding when making a trip reservation and are are assured that the route provided is a safer, alternative route to avoid hazardous conditions.