Feb. 2, 2016 - Tucson, Arizona  Metropia, Inc., in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), was awarded a lead role in developing an architecture that incentivizes drivers to improve their commuting behavior through more energy-efficient  choices.

This effort, funded by the TRANSNET program, a national initiative by the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), selected five high-potential, ground-breaking technologies to revolutionize the energy efficiency of the transportation sector. The other selected teams are Palo Alto Research Center, Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Maryland at College Park.

NREL is partnering with Metropia to leverage their urban analytics platform including...

The benefits of raising an organic garden are immeasurable. Organic gardening is great for the environment, and it can be a fun and interesting science project for families. Gardens can either be a personal shrine or the heartbeat of an entire community; neighborhoods are greatly enriched when its members come together to tend and harvest beautiful, nutritious, homegrown food.  

Growing your own food carries more satisfaction than simply purchasing it in the market. Nurturing the plants and harvesting their produce makes mealtimes meaningful and the full flavor and nutritional value of freshly picked fruits and veggies is very nourishing. Connecting with the earth and playing in the dirt carries additional health-promoting benefits since good “bugs” live in natural soil.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of organic gardening! City dwellers often rely on small spaces...

Accelerate…brake…accelerate…brake…etc... Monotonous, isn’t it?

Great news! You can get around it!

Cycling around Tucson has become easier thanks to the installation of bike lanes in traffic and movements to heighten awareness of bikes as part of the mix. The world looks refreshingly different from the perspective of a bicycle! Riding your bike is liberating as you can feel invigorating wind on your face and notice scenery and other landmarks that just fly past in your car. 

You may even notice a cool new local coffee roaster that you usually turn a blind eye to in your travels.

Due to popular demand, the City of Tucson has put forth a commendable effort to reconfigure parts of the city infrastructure to make room for inner city commuter bike lanes and paths. Increasing popularity of biking as an alternative means of transportation has positively...

Metropia to Sponsor Largest Hackathon in the Southwest – Hack Arizona

More than 800 student participants from universities all over the nation will rally in UA’s Science and Engineering Library this weekend (January 22nd to 24th) to “hack” various projects crafted to benefit health, sustainability, and the Tucson community. The annual event, known as Hack Arizona, is a recognized talent pipeline where university students of all technology applications and experience levels can find one another and work with mentors to complete projects they develop themselves.

The hackathon was first held last year in the Science and Engineering Library after the University and Innovate UA teamed up and arranged for it in an effort to challenge and support tech-minded students.

Local traffic solution creator, Metropia Inc., will be...

You have a lot riding on your tires – in more ways than one.

Every driver wants to know how to improve fuel economy. In line with our policy to drive better cities, Metropia App’s developers keep a green mind when it comes to decongesting cities; therefore reducing vehicle idling times and helping you get to your destinations faster.

Greener cities are also made possible with fuel efficient vehicles and alternative transportation. You are probably familiar with a few techniques to maximize your fuel economy, but did you ever consider how the tires you’re rolling on take a part in it?

Rolling resistance is what it’s all about when you look to your tires for fuel economy. The laws of physics dictate that stationary objects want to remain that way, so moving those objects demands energy. The more resistance your vehicle has to...

Sunday, January 10th to Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

The Metropia team is heading to Washington D.C. to participate in the 95th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board. The spotlight theme for this year’s meeting is Research Convergence for a Multimodal Future. Other hot topics include: Transformation Technologies, Resilience, and Transportation and Public Health. Metropia team members will present on a variety of topics including variable tolling, joint time-of-day and route choice models, communication in transportation research, the use of surveys in the transportation decision-making process, and social media traffic reports.

The TRB annual meeting brings together more than 12,000 transportation professionals from around the world. Presentations, sessions...

Metropia helps users get to their destinations more quickly and provides them with perks for doing so. But that’s not the only thing Metropia does.

The Metropia app uses urban analytics to help those commuters to and from their destinations. Urban analytics, or data about when, where, how, and how fast bodies and vehicles move through urban space, provides valuable information for developers, government decision-makers, and entrepreneurs.

Here are 10 things urban analytics can do beyond helping you get to work on time.

1. Provide information about travel patterns.

If city officials are thinking of adding another lane to a highway, or are considering reducing lanes on a street, they can use urban analytics to parse data about how those decisions would affect traffic congestion—and whether or not it is ultimately worth it to spend the money...

Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents during the holiday season, as we’ve mentioned before. But it is also a driving hazard 365 days a year.

While we can’t control other people’s driving habits, we can certainly take care of our own. And one of the easiest ways to lessen the number of distracted drivers on the road is by refusing to be one of them.

Here are six easy ways to avoid driving distractions and be a better, safer driver.

1. Put your phone away.

Yes, we hear this one all the time: texting and driving is bad. But you don’t have to be texting while driving to be a distracted driver.

Just hearing the ding of messages or...

With 2015 coming quickly to a close, Metropia's staff couldn't see the year end without thanking the many people who make our startup possible. That's why we're throwing a Gratitude Party this week.

We've invited our awesome neighbors, our loyal users, our dear partners, and our beloved community members to join us for some Pinup Pastries' cupcakes and other delicious refreshments. The festivities will take place this Friday, December 11, starting at 3:00 p.m. in the Metropia office, 1790 E. River Road #140, Tucson, AZ, 86718.

Gratitude is a concept that gets thrown around a lot in our culture. The idea of being thankful for what we have and of giving thanks is one that many people seek to cultivate in a society that has long been seen as greedy and consumptive.

As a startup that seeks to...

Metropia & Mobility Authority Trail of Lights Press Release Image

AUSTIN, Texas -- Metropia, Inc., creators of the free mobile app system to alleviate traffic congestion, and the Mobility Authority today announced their collaboration with the Trail of Lights Foundation in order to help visitors easily and effectively plan their trip to the beloved Austin Trail of Lights festival.

Metropia’s holistic approach to alleviating traffic congestion will now offer a customized option for traveling to this year’s Trail of Lights. After opening the app, users will have the option of inputting “Trail of Lights” into their destination field. After selecting their specific destination of either the Trail of Lights shuttle lot or the pre-paid parking lots, Metropia will calculate and present the best routes and departure times to reach the Trail by your desired arrival time.

“Metropia is a great example of how the Mobility Authority brings...