Metropia Celebrates Two Years in Tucson!

Tucson, it’s hard to believe that we’re already celebrating our two year anniversary this month! We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of our Tucson Metropia users, friends and community partners.

The numbers don’t lie! You’ve driven 1.11 million miles with Metropia. That was over the course of 146,000 trips you took around Tucson.

That’s like driving from the eastern seaboard to the west coast a little over 396 times!

One of our favorite things about Tucson is its strong sense of community. It’s these types of friendships and connections that fuel Metropia’s mission. Sure, we’re a mobile traffic solution that wants to get people where they need to go in the least amount of time, reduce CO2 emissions, and...

M+ Network Update and new help desk feature

We're proud to introduce you to Help Desk, your one-stop-shop for troubleshooting anything and everything about Metropia. 

Have a question about Metropia's point system or need some guidance on using our DUO social carpooling feature? Help Desk has you covered. We've got the answers to all of your questions about our mission, our app, and more.

But Help Desk is more than just an FAQ--it's a convenient resource to report any questions or concerns about your Metropia experience. Whether you want to tell us about an odd route we suggested or to inquire about the points you earned for a trip, simply choose the topic of interest, select the trip in question, and tap on "Report"! There are lots of other cool new features as well, including the ability to report traffic accidents and roadway construction right in our Help Desk.


With the kick off of the monsoons come mixed feelings of relief and dread for Tucsonans. The desert city has special challenges that come with the expected, yet still unpredictable torrential rains which wash the landscape every year.

We welcome the monsoons to revitalize the parched areas of vegetation, returning them to the soothing, luscious green that we prize. The moisture wakes up the smells from native creosote bushes and generates a clean, earthy smell that is characteristic of the region. Desert dwellers also get to witness some of the most spectacular lightening shows in the world.

The special anatomy of the monsoons, which are actually a large storm system rather than a single storm, is the cause of the abrupt rainfall we experience in the Southwest every summer. The moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California plus a shift in wind direction...

Washington, D.C. -- The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) will host the inaugural 2016 Sustainable Transportation Summit on Monday, July 11th and Tuesday, July 12th. Metropia’s Principal, Dr. Vassilis Papayannoulis, is slated to engage a panel of other transportation and mobility focused professionals and will share his expert knowledge of innovative sustainable travel technology.

The goal of the summit is to provide a forum for a diverse pool of individuals with different areas of expertise to share insights and ideas about greener travel options and to determine solutions to challenges cities face with access to and implementation of new technologies. Topics will include:

• Progress reports on new transportation technologies
• Smart mobility systems
• Policies regarding green transportation...

If you drive in West El Paso, your commute could be changing.

Beginning on Sunday, June 10, 2016, Paisano Drive (US 85) will be closed between Sunland Park Drive and Executive Center Boulevard. The closure, which is part of the Border West Expressway Project, will be in place thru winter of 2017.

This closure leaves Mesa Street as one of the only alternates to Interstate 10 which is also under construction in this area.

We all know that Mesa Street was busy before this project began and it’s only  gotten busier as drivers try to avoid work on the Go 10 project nearby. By downloading the Metropia app now and joining our Pioneer Program, you’ll have access to real-time traffic information generated by other Metropia users. That will help you plan the least congested route to where you’re going.

Using the least congested route not only saves you time,...

As an esteemed part of most cultures, traditions are observed as a placeholder for legacies. While some traditions are left unchanged by purists, progressives see room for other traditions to be improved upon and modified. One tradition which has undergone a welcomed change is the American work schedule.

In the past decade, America’s employers have become wise to the commuter’s quandary. America’s population is growing, producing more new drivers. Medical science enables aging citizens to live longer, healthier lives, which in turn usually allows them to preserve their driving privilege. Essentially, the great American road has become a traffic jam.

To keep up with the beat of life, we must travel. Even the advent of digital living has not put a substantial enough dent in the need to go motoring, and most people still maintain employment that requires them to attend the...

As the number of drivers on the roads increase, cities can barely keep up with the overflow. Projects are constantly underway and teams of city planners and engineers spend hours in “think tanks” to solve the age-old problem of traffic congestion. However, drivers are now taking an active part in helping to reduce the congestion problem.

Multi-passenger traveling, classically known as carpooling, comes with a number of benefits. Whatever we choose to call it, the object is still to remove as many one-passenger vehicles from the roads as possible. If you join a carpool for your regular commute to work, you and your passengers can enjoy these perks:

·         Collaboration time

Many a great idea has come from the pooling together of ideas and as coworkers pool together to get to work. Sure you have company...

As modern life hums with constant activity, it takes no time to accumulate a plate full of daily activities and several places to be in the course of a day. Before you know it, clutter has inundated your space and time, leaving you feeling swamped and drained before the day even begins.

But your stack of to-dos is not insurmountable, and the best way to get any job done is to get organized. If you know you have a bazillion tasks to accomplish in a day, try the following tips to help ease your rat race burdens:

• Make a list – Sit down the night before and make a list of the places you need to go. If you can, visualize the location of the places you need to go and rearrange your list according to which one you will visit first.

• Prioritize – If any of your long list of tasks can be accomplished another day, then don’t feel guilty about putting them off. Only...

The tone of an entire day can be set by the smoothness of your commute to work. Drivers just want the ability to go, go, go, but some days can seem like the Fates conspired against any chance of missing at least some obstacles along the route.

Frustrations such as the slow driver, distracted drivers, rude drivers, and drivers who are already to the point of rage can make travel difficult enough without poor lane structuring and traffic flow adding to your troubles. While local law enforcement can only do so much to quell problems with individual drivers, modern traffic technology comes to the rescue regarding highway structuring and enabling steadier traffic flow.

Cities that are growing at a seemingly exponential rate especially need alternatives for handling increasing numbers of drivers on the streets. The most popular solution has been to create one-way streets,...

Metropia Celebrates One Year in Austin

One year ago this month, Metropia launched in the Austin area ready to tackle a pretty hefty issue—Austin traffic (gasp!). While a seemingly large undertaking, we knew we weren’t going at this alone. With our supporting partner, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) and Central Texans like you- we  were ready to make our city a better place to live.

Metropians are Driving a #betterATX

Fast forward to a year later and more than one million miles driven, Metropia app users have saved more than 300,000 lbs of CO2 and more than 3,600 hours on their commutes (if you add these hours up, that’s a total of 150 days—5 months roughly – of time saved and counting!). Not only are Metropians tackling traffic but also giving back to their community, choosing to donate earned points to having more than 3,000 trees planted, and donating 400 warm meals...