You leave the office, get to the freeway, and suddenly chaos strikes with citywide traffic delays. Remember the Highway 99 salmon truck crash in Seattle, Washington, that shut down nearly the entire city for a whopping nine hours this May? You can never be sure what sort of long wait you’ll be in for.

Although chances are good no salmon trucks will overturn on the highway in other parts of the country, the notion of nightmare traffic gridlock can be daunting. But being caught unaware by such a scenario doesn’t have to be every bit as miserable as it sounds.

If you climb into your car every day prepared for the worst, your commute will always be that much better. Here are a few tips to help you stay comfortable and nonplussed when other forces take traffic out of control.

1. Keep an emergency kit on hand.

Traffic or not, it’s always a good...

Looking for an amazing place for a road trip this summer? Come to Arizona!

WalletHub has ranked Arizona as one of the top states of 2015 for summer road trips. Arizona came in 11th place overall, after states like Oregon, North Carolina, and Wyoming. While it did not rank in the the top ten overall, Arizona’s impressive, economical lodging and driving costs earned it the number 2 spot in this category. It also received a ranking of 13 in the category of “Fun and Scenic Attractions”. It is not hard to figure out the reasoning behind these rankings when you consider the variety of experiences and destinations that Arizona has to offer, including large, metropolitan areas like Phoenix, and the natural beauty of cities like Sedona, Tucson, and Williams.

Sedona has received special...

Monsoon season has officially arrived in the Sonoran Desert! While the monsoons bring much appreciated rain and cooler temperatures, they also produce potentially dangerous driving conditions. To combat these dangers, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) continues to educate desert drivers with their “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” campaign. This will be its fourth year in action. While this campaign focuses primarily on safety tips for driving during dust storms, all of these tips are applicable during the sporadic thunderstorms and flooding of monsoons.

Safety Tips

1. Don’t drive into the storm!

While it may be tempting to reenact that awesome scene from your favorite action movie, do NOT drive into an approaching wall of dust! Dust storms do come and go rather quickly, but being in the...

For many students and families, June marks the beginning of road trip season! But with so many drivers on the road, safety is always a main concern. Summer is, after all, according to many safety experts, one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. Another concern is more economical and environmental in nature: how to keep it green on the road. As gas prices tend to increase during the Summer months, it is important to consider your options when it comes to making the most of your gas mileage.

Before you set out on your next Summer road trip, consider the following tips and tricks to keep it safe and green along the way.

1. Get a Trip Check or a Tune-Up
You should always pay a visit to your dealership or local mechanic to ensure your vehicle is in good, working order for a road trip. During a check or tune-up, a mechanic will make sure that...

We at Metropia Inc. often encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation when your schedule and location allow it, however we recognize that a whopping 86% of commuters here in the US are still driving (whether alone or in a carpool).

With this seemingly unshakable statistic in mind, we’ve decided to dig up some handy tips on how to improve the fuel efficiency in your car while you’re out there driving in your city. Better fuel economy means saving money, reducing oil dependence costs, reducing climate change, and increasing energy sustainability - sounds worthwhile to us!

Without further ado, here are some smart ways to keep your money and your fuel going further:

1. Set your tires to the right...

Using the Metropia App to drive a better city is an excellent way to make your community happier and healthier, but we at Metropia thought we’d give you some suggestions to keep the good vibes going beyond your daily driving!

Your city, your community, your street, your neighbors - all of the places and faces you connect with your environment are what make your home so great. So then, why not use your time to make a positive effect and fall even deeper in love with your little corner of the world?

Here are just 5 of hundreds and thousands of great first steps to take to make living where you do even better.

1. Be a kind neighbor, be a friendly face.
With this one we don’t mean you absolutely must bring a dozen freshly-baked cookies to any new neighbor who moves in (although it couldn’t hurt). What we really mean is treat others the way they...

Why Traffic is Tough on Your Body and Mind You are here

Traffic fumes have been linked to an abundance of ailments - from heart disease, cancer, and respiratory issues, to even injury to the brain cells and synapses responsible for learning and memory. Still, we prefer to get where we’re going by car, or at least 86.2% of us do according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2008-2012), and in some situations we have no other option.

While factors like more home-based workers and a younger generation proactive about alternative modes of transportation are surely contributing to fewer commuters in single-occupancy vehicles, there are still a whole lot of us making the drive alone and harming our health as a result. Sure, our cars couldn’t possibly emit the...

5 Apps to Simplify Your Day-to-Day Life

We here at Metropia are all about mobile apps that ease those daily unnecessary stresses. Whether it’s your poor sleep cycle, troublesome eating habits, torturous commute, or busy-mindedness in general - there does actually appear to be an app for that.

We’ve collected our top 5 favorite mobile apps for getting de-cluttered and de-stressed, and here they are in no particular order of favoritism:

1. Sleep Cycle (iPhone & Android)
Sleep Cycle allows for some excellent detective work when you’re trying to find the culprit for that ongoing sluggish feeling you can’t seem to shake. When you’re sure you slept a decent amount of hours but can’t seem to feel recharged.

Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock app, but instead of following old routines it aims to create great new habits to leave you waking up refreshed. The app tracks your sleep patterns by...

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Metropia is excited to be an official sponsor of the KGSR Blues on the Green concert series! They hooked us up with some exclusive upgrades to the full Hospitality Experience—including free food & drinks!!!—and since we never ride alone we want to bring you along.

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Sunday, May 17th to Thursday, May 25th, 2015 | Atlantic City, N.J.

Metropia team members Robert Tung, Mia Zmud, and Vassilis Papayannoulis, will be presenting the Metropia App and the technology that facilitates it at the National Transportation Planning Applications Conference this week in New Jersey. Work co-authored by Metropia founder, Yi-Chang Chiu, will also be presented during the conference. The team will focus in particular on Data Collection & Management, GPS Trajectories, Data Visualization, and Trip Based Modeling during their several separate presentations.

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) envisions the conference as a “constructive forum for the exchange of transportation...