With all the exciting innovations coming onto the market each day, it is hard to choose the ones that will take hold and revolutionize the way that we do things in our everyday lives. We do know that there is some burgeoning green technology that is so exciting that we just have to share it with you!
In part one of our green tech round-up, we highlighted the MADCAT Flapless aircraft wings, which may use only a fraction of the fuel of traditional aircrafts; green data centers that not only protect your data, but also conserve power; electronic helicopters that say goodbye to carbon emissions; and greenhouses that are designed to be green and reduce cross-country trucking needs for fresh produce.

Here in Part Two, there’s plenty more forthcoming green technologies that are emerging and will undoubtedly make big waves in how we evolve into a more environmentally friendly...

A Green 2017

Every new year brings with it new possibilities, and of course, lots of new promises to be a better version of yourself than you were the year before. Many people will resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, spend less, spend more time with their loved ones, and make the important changes in their lives, and the hope is that we can form new habits that will stick with us for years to come.

One of more increasingly common resolutions that have become popular lately is the resolution to change wasteful habits and become greener in our everyday living. Though there are a whole lot of ways to be greener, there is one area of your life which, with a little tweaking, can make you a much greener, more eco-friendly citizen of your community.
Your daily car commute to work is not only wreaking havoc on your mental and physical health, but it is also seriously damaging the...

holiday car loaded with gifts

Over the river and through the woods we go, year after year, to visit family and friends over the holiday season. Traveling for the holidays is a time-honored tradition, but it is also a time of high stress, cold weather, and of course, traffic conditions that can make you want to pull your hair out.
If you are gearing up to hit the road to visit your nearest and dearest, preparing for your travel in advance is key to avoiding the biggest holiday driving stressors and blunders that occur when the roads are packed with fellow holiday travelers.
Follow these tips to get where you’re going safely and have a wonderful holiday that is just a bit less stressful.
Ready Your Vehicle for Winter

Whether you live in New York where you are likely to see rain and snow over the holidays, or in Tucson where you will likely see more tumbleweeds than snowmen on the...

Computer data centers on a green field.

Every year, businesses roll out their shiniest, sleekest, high-tech toys at conventions and technology events around the world. For the past few years, all that gleaming, glowing new technology has been rapidly incorporating one common theme: green, renewable, and sustainable technology.

There are a great many pieces of technology on the horizon that are truly exciting, from cars to solar panels, but these eight brilliant and electrifying technologies can lead the way to producing some major changes in how we all commute, eat, work, and live in the years to come.

MADCAT Flapless Aircraft Wings

The impact of carbon pollution has had on the environment has sent transportation authorities around the world scrambling to find workable solutions to reduce the impact while still allowing us to travel with the frequency we have become accustomed to....

We all get the urge to get out of town and see something new, but vacations and long distance travel often require a ton of planning, money, and time that most of us just don’t have year-round. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t load up the car and head out into the world for an adventurous day trip when the mood strikes.

Weekends are made for relaxing, socializing, and exploring the unknown. Here are our 5 best tips for having a killer time outdoors this weekend without breaking the bank (or using any vacation days).

Take a Museum Tour

No, we don’t mean that your family should tour one museum—we mean take a tour of all the museums in your area and beyond! No matter where you live, there are likely dozens of museums dedicated to preserving art, history, science, nature, or something niche and wonderful.
With a quick internet...

teens driving with seatbelt.jpg

Every year, thousands of teen drivers study up, practice their parallel parking skills, and pass their driving test with flying colors. There’s a lot about driving that you cannot learn in a book, though. Just like you will develop muscle memory as you become a more experienced driver, you will also have to learn how to become a safe driver too.

The longer you are behind the wheel, the more these safe driving techniques will become second nature. Until that time comes, however, there are some driving tips that will make all the difference on the road, and help you to develop into a confident, safe, and smart driver.

Master Defensive Driving

Inexperienced drivers have a lot on their plates. Most feel the need to concentrate on their own driving skills and ensure that they’re doing everything in their power to practice safe driving on their end....

Listen up Austin Community College faculty, staff, and students, this one’s for you. We’ve had such a blast kicking off the 2016-2017 school year with you so far and want to keep the fun going.

When you use the Metropia app, you'll get to plan ahead, save time, and earn rewards—while helping reduce traffic congestion in Austin.  It doesn’t matter where you’re headed around town—friend’s place, ACC campus, work, or store, Metropia helps you get to your destination on time and you earn rewards while doing it. Pretty cool, right?

And it gets even better. As part of the ACC community, when you...

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People today like to boast and brag that they can multitask and not miss a beat. Unfortunately, the truth is that study after study proves that multitasking means dividing your concentration, and that always leads to both tasks being done poorly.

Driving is a major responsibility, and it requires all of your focused attention to ensure that you are driving safely and effectively. Many find a myriad of other things to do when they should be keeping an eye on the road, like texting and responding to messages on their phones, adjust the radio station or volume, and even eat complete meals behind the wheel.

If you are a distracted driver, it’s time to put down the distractions and follow these tips to keep yourself attentive to the road.

Put the Phone Down

Driving and texting/emailing/PMing/Tweeting/Snapchatting do not mix. If your eyes aren’t...


The effects of traffic jams, long-term driving, and a commuter stress have long been documented in our society, yet still, most of us depend on our cars to get us to and from work every day. Sitting in traffic has been shown to cause an increase in blood pressure, rising cholesterol levels, increased fatigue, and raises your risk of anxiety, but there are solutions out there that can help you alleviate these stressors, at least intermittently this autumn.

As the temperatures cool and alternate methods of commuting become more available, many people take advantage of the mild weather to change up their commute and get some extra exercise. Others are looking for ways to not only get out of their cars, but also to reduce their pollution emissions and help to create a greener city.

Depending on where you live, your options for alternate modes of transportation will vary...

Winter is coming… Okay, now that we got that very necessary Game of Thrones reference out of the way, seriously—winter is coming!

There are a lot of ways that you will need to tackle the annual onslaught of cold air and snow, like taking winter clothes out of storage and winterizing your house, but one critical part of our daily lives that often gets left untreated when the winter air hits is our cars.
Winterizing your car is an important part of basic car maintenance, and skipping the annual routine of ensuring that your car is ready to handle the cold months ahead may cost you big down the line. Preparing your car to tackle the cold is easy, and only a few items will need to be checked by a professional mechanic during a regular maintenance appointment.

Tip 1: Check Your Tire Pressure

Just as the summer heat can affect your tire pressure...