03/13/2016KVOA TucsonExternal Author: Domenica FullerWildcat game day parking problems could be solved
Tucson, AZ

TUCSON - Wildcat fans, do you have traffic troubles or parking problems for every home game? Well, there is an app that has been developed in Tucson called "Metropia" that may solve this issue.

The University of Arizona Parking and Transportation Services is working with Metropia to help Wildcat fans find available parking spaces and navigate traffic before big games.

"We worked with University of Arizona for about three months and we saw that they need help with parking, especially with special events...so we partnered with them and we created a new feature in our app. You can plan your trip and see all of the parking lots around the area. We also have operation monitors and stuff going around checking which lots are full and which ones are empty, so you only get empty lots ideally and that way you can plan it ahead," said Mario Salomon, director of product operations at Metropia.

Watch the news report here: http://www.kvoa.com/clip/12284234/wildcat-game-day-parking-problems-could-be-solved