Metropians are continuing to make a difference in our communities by planning ahead, carpooling, donating to our nonprofit partners, and more. And our Earth Month 2017 celebration was no exception.

Metropians Donated 258 Trees during Earth Month
In celebration of Earth Month 2017, we invited Metropians to help us donate 250 trees (our highest goal yet) during the month of April through our national partnership with American Forests. For every tree donated by app users, Metropia matched it with a second tree. And guess what? Together, we not only met, but exceeded our goal with 258 trees!

Earth Day Festivities

In case you missed it, we had great time at our Earth Day festival, a celebration of all things eco-friendly, with exhibits, activities, and alt-fuel vehicles. Community participants were on hand to inform citizens about air quality, water conservation/harvesting, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, land conservation, recycling, native plants, alternative modes of transportation and other eco-minded themes. We also want to send out a special thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and took a photo with us!

Thank you Metropians for making our Earth Month 2017 a success!

Metropians are Making a Difference in Our Communities Daily
By using Metropia for your daily commute to work, to school, a trip to the store, or a social gathering with friends, you are helping to:

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on the road
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and help keep our cities green
  • Reduce the number of cars on the road when using DUO to carpool
  • To date, Metropia app users have reduced CO2 emissions by 638,388 pounds and saved 20,304 hours (that’s 846 days!) on their commute.
  • With subtle tweaks to our driving habits—the times we drive and the routes we take—we are driving a #bettercity. Thank you Metropians!

To get started and be a part of the growing Metropia community, download the free Metropia app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.