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February 11th, 2016 – Tucson, Arizona Metropia Director of Operations, Mario Salomon, and Metropia Product Operations Engineer, Dawn Bender, will present “Metropia DUO – Incentivizing Casual Carpooling in Cities” to the Tucson (WTS) Women’s Transportation Seminar.

Metropia’s DUO Casual Carpooling is the latest feature from the popular traffic app that rewards users for taking the least congested, fastest routes, thus helping with the traffic solution instead of the traffic problem. Now the Metropia app incentivizes even more groups to help reduce traffic with its Casual Carpooling feature, which offers rewards points to all passengers in a carpool who have the Metropia app, as well as giving additional bonus points to the driver.
Metropia is the official Casual Carpooling technology provider for the upcoming Arizona Conference on Roads and Streets, which many local WTS members will attend, in March 2016. Conference attendees can use Metropia’s DUO feature to easily carpool between conference hotels and popular venues in the area, and earn rewards and prizes all week! This feature preview by the engineers from Metropia for WTS will be the first glimpse of this new carpooling feature by any of the expected 1,500 R&S attendees this year, so don’t miss it!

Presenter bios

Mario Salomon is Metropia's Director of Product Operations and has an excellent track record of putting his technical skills to good use in real world settings. As a student at the University of Texas at El Paso, he secured funding and provided support for sustainability-based projects in the city such as city bus system expansions, recycling programs, and bike-share collaborations. Mario's projects have made El Paso a better-connected and cleaner space, and he strives to extend that success to other parts of the country and beyond.

Mario has also worked with university and city governments, as well as with companies and researchers, to create the collaboration needed to get things done. Even though Mario’s bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and his masters in Systems Engineering are both from the UTEP, Mario considers himself an adopted Wildcat while working and living in Tucson.

Dawn Binder is a junior at the University of Arizona majoring in Systems Engineering and minoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She’s a member of the Society of Women Engineers, IEEE (professional Electrical and Computer Club), SASE (the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers), the social chair of IIE/INCOSE (the professional club for Systems and Industrial Engineers) and she’s an Engineering Ambassador for the UA College of Engineering.

Dawn is currently an Operations intern at Metropia specializing in testing improved app versions before they are released to Apple and Google Play stores. She’s also working on a program to interactively and visually map the backend system of the app, to match it with the direct functions of the front end of the app, to ease test automation and better see the lineage of existing app bugs.
Prior to Metropia Dawn has also worked at Raytheon systems in Tucson as an integration and verification intern.

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