HOUSTON, Sept. 6, 2017 -- Metropia, Inc., innovators of traffic congestion management platforms, today announced the launch of its online carpool pairing service to provide post-Harvey support to Houstonians who lost their vehicles to floodwaters.

An estimated 500,000 vehicles were destroyed in the flooding brought by Hurricane Harvey. As schools and offices reopen, the countless car-dependent Houstonians left without easy access to transportation will be reliant on the generosity of their fellow citizens for ongoing commutes until such time as insurance claims are completed, local dealerships are able to meet the incredible demand, and public transit is fully up and running to those who have access.

By signing up at houston-riding.metropia.com, Houstonians in need of a ride and drivers happy to share one can enter their starting location, departure time, and destination into the site, selecting it as a one-way or roundtrip carpool. Behind the scenes, Metropia's matching algorithms will work to pair nearby drivers and passengers with a common destination and travel time, introducing the two via email for the purposes of forming a carpool.

The pairing process allows potential carpoolers to participate at their own level of comfort with privacy in mind. Once paired with another carpooler, drivers and passengers are given the name and email address provided by their match during signup and invited to reach out to discuss their carpool in greater detail. From that point, participants can share as much or as little personal information as desired. For example, those wishing to speak on the phone can exchange numbers, or those wishing to meet at a neutral pick-up spot can do so without sharing their home address.

"There are many outstanding programs established in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to help Houstonians get back on their feet, but our city's recovery will still very much rely on the generosity of Houstonians in helping one other," says Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu, Founder of Metropia, Inc. "This is a unique opportunity for Houstonians to lend a helping hand to their neighbors and show the heart that our great city is known for. If you have an extra seat available in your car, we encourage you to signup at houston-riding.metropia.com and share a ride with someone in need."

To sign up as a driver or to request a ride, visit houston-riding.metropia.com and enter your specific trip details.

About Metropia, Inc.
Metropia, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is a GovTech 100 company which optimizes transportation systems by using behavioral economics to influence drivers to shift departure times, routes and modes. Metropia has a successful history of working with federal, state, and municipal transportation agencies to bring innovative traffic solutions to cities in Texas, Arizona, and California. The Metropia mobile platform incentivizes commuters to make better travel decisions, whether driving alone or carpooling.

Chris Colemon