12/10/2015KXAN AustinKXANExternal Author: Amanda BrandeisHow Trail of Lights deals with wet weather
Austin, TX

AUSTIN (KXAN) — As thousands look forward to experiencing the Trail of Lights this weekend, there’s a chance wet weather could change those plans Saturday evening.

“We constantly monitor the weather and any storms in and around the area, we work closely with the city,” said Trail of Lights Executive Director, James Russell. “It really does take a full year to plan the event and all these things are considered when doing so.”

While it is a rain or shine event, they’ll close the trail if it’s raining too hard. And there’s a safety mechanism in place which can automatically shut off the lights.

If they have to shut the trail down while it’s packed with people, emergency exits are available to get everyone out smoothly. There’s also a traffic app, Metropia, which helps attendees get home safely, and avoid low-water crossings.

Russell says three factors come into play when deciding if the event will go on.

“One is safety, two is damage to the park, we do not want to damage the park, and three is the overall experience of the attendees.”

Trail of Lights organizers say if any evenings are rained out, there will not be a makeup day.

There’s also contingency plans for prepaid parking passes and prepaid zip passes.

For the latest information visit the Trail of Lights website.