Tucson, AZ

Accelerate…brake…accelerate…brake…etc... Monotonous, isn’t it?

Great news! You can get around it!

Cycling around Tucson has become easier thanks to the installation of bike lanes in traffic and movements to heighten awareness of bikes as part of the mix. The world looks refreshingly different from the perspective of a bicycle! Riding your bike is liberating as you can feel invigorating wind on your face and notice scenery and other landmarks that just fly past in your car. 

You may even notice a cool new local coffee roaster that you usually turn a blind eye to in your travels.

Due to popular demand, the City of Tucson has put forth a commendable effort to reconfigure parts of the city infrastructure to make room for inner city commuter bike lanes and paths. Increasing popularity of biking as an alternative means of transportation has positively affected the way Tucsonans travel and put the city in the top 10 of best biking cities in the U.S.

Biking to work comes with a few great benefits for you and your city:

1. Saves money and air quality
Riding your bike to work saves the environment and your pocket change! Aside from the minor investment in slime tubes, thorn proof liners and a good U-lock, you can put back savings for weekend quaxing instead of spending it on fuel and parking lots.

2. Curbs car insurance rates
Coupled with saving money, but worthy of individual mention. Car insurance premiums are determined by underwriters who assess accident proneness of certain driver populations and zip codes where accidents commonly occur. For the individual driver, being in your car less reduces both your likelihood of an auto accident and the number of miles driven that you report to your agent. Both factors put you in a lower risk bracket and potentially lower your premium.
City and statewide, everyone benefits from fewer accidents and lower premiums across the board.

3. Reduces traffic congestion
When you decide to get your helmet and mount your bike to get to work, you are deducting one more vehicle from traffic. Just think how much less clogged our busy thoroughfares would be if 5 out of every 50 motorists biked to work!

4. Saves time
Riding your bike to work is a great time saver! Depending on your route, you may actually get to work on your bike faster than you could take motorized transportation! If you’ve ever ridden your bike along Broadway Boulevard at rush hour, you know the gleeful feeling of whizzing past all those backed up cars that you would normally be stuck behind. 
If you bike to work you can still enjoy a little exercise, even if you have to ditch time at the gym to work late. This way, you accomplish both the goals of getting to work and getting some exercise!

5. Great for your health
Just 10 minutes daily on your bike can make a big difference in your mental and physical health. A number of studies over time have proven that adults have improved cognitive function and elevated moods from being outdoors and getting some exercise. You will benefit noticeably with just a snippet of health-promoting exercise and extra oxygen to your brain to counteract those office donuts and the Monday blues.

Taking your bike for transportation to the job is a great alternative, but don’t forget to travel carefully! Educate yourself as a Tucson cyclist with the material on the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety website:  http://bit.ly/1Qom3dg